'Encore Magic and Comedy'


Magic and Comedy Performed by Oz

At 'Encore Magic and Comedy' our magician Oz will gladly perform his magic at your Wedding Reception, Annivesary, Birthday or Garden Party, or at whatever event you are planning. Oz is a member of the Magic Circle and  Chairman of Ilford Magical Society where he regulary performs his close up and stage routines at their outside events. At Ilford Magical Society Oz is a previous winner of the Close Up, Stage and Classic competitions. He is also a member of the Brotherhood of Magicians British Ring. Oz is a magician who thrives on interation with the public. So if you want a magician who can engage with your guests then why not book him.  He will perform his close up magic for you or, if you prefer, he will perform his magic and comedy stage show for you.


If you are not sure what type of magic would be most suitable for your event, contact 'Encore Magic and Comedy' where Oz will be happy to discuss the options with you.

Balloon Modelling

Please speak to 'Encore Magic and Comedy' if you wish to have balloon modelling at your function.




Close up Magic  


This is where Oz will perform his magic routines right under your nose, usually going from table to table, be it at a Wedding Reception, Birthday celebration or in a restaurant. You will not see magic any closer than this. So if you want to be right on top of the action, to be amazed or even baffled, then this is for you.  At a Weddng this will commence whilst you greet your guests and they take their seats and then between the meal courses.


Walkaround Magic

Oz will be happy to perform his magic whilst walking amongst your guests. This is ideal for weddings, whilst the Bride and Groom are having their photos taken and the guest are waiting for theirs. Or, if you prefer, after the meal but before the evening entertainment begins. This would also be suitable for garden parties.

Parlour Magic 

Parlour Magic is where Oz will perform his magic in a small room in front of an audience, which are either standing or seated, a short distance away from the performing area.


Stage Magic

If your function is taking place in a large hall, preferably with a raised stage, then why not have Oz perform his magic and comedy  show for you? This is where you could see Oz end up inside a 6ft balloon (yes, you read that correctly), or a lady with a sword passed through her neck. But remember, audience members will be aked to help out ...... and that someone could be you!

Areas Covered

Encore Magic and Comedy are based in Romford, but we cover Essex, Kent, Hertfordshire and Surrey